Work Addiction

Work addiction is a condition in which individuals are unable to set healthy boundaries around their job schedules. Work addicts use work as their source of satisfaction in life. This choice not only affects the addict, but family and co-workers as well.

What are the effects of work addiction?

Work addicts are constantly driven to perform and are unable to relax or feel a sense of accomplishment. Their behaviors are self-imposed and based on inaccurate self-perceptions, stemming from underlying emotional problems. Work addicts generally exaggerate their importance and accomplishments, using work to avoid negative emotions.

Argie Spuck looks beyond the symptoms of work addiction and treat the addict’s core issues of self-esteem, moderation, reality, dependence and boundaries. If you are having problems with work addiction, call Argie Spuck at 954-822-9793 to schedule an appointment.